DJ Backup

Why backup your digital files?


Why backup your digital files?

As DJs, Musicians and Producers we put a huge amount of time and effort into finding, organising, recording , collecting and making digital music. The time spent on our digital music collection is often higher than the amount of time we spend DJing or Performing.

Have you ever considered what it could be like to lose all of that hard work? Its often not worth thinking about… Luckily DJ Backup has created the easiest way to back up all of your music, production, samples and everything else so that everything is kept safe and stored but instantly accessible.


What should you be backing up?

Backup file types

What should you be backing up?

With DJ Backup you can backup ANY type of file or document. What we find it most useful for is to backup our digital music collection that we’ve built up in iTunes, to backup our production (Logic, Ableton, Protools, Fruity projects), our precious sample libraries and sample packs and also to backup our digital DJ preferences, cue points, midi mappings etc.

When thinking about what to backup and keep safe you should consider:

  • Music libraries (All of your Music files, iTunes collection, critical playlists and most used crates)
  • Software/Hardware settings (Preferences, history, MIDI mappings, waveforms, cue points)
  • Project files (for producers, all of your hard work!)
  • Dependencies (VSTs, Audio Units, Plugins, Drivers, Samples)
  • Personal files (Bio, Artwork, Pics, Videos, Photos, Press)

Device Friendly

DJ Backup iPhone App

Access all your files on your mobile device

Free apps for iOS, Windows 8 and Android let you view your photos, music, movies and documents from anywhere! Or use our specially optimised mobile site for Blackberry and other mobile devices.



Choose your package based on the features you prefer

DJ Backup (512GB) DJ & Producer Backup (1TB)
Automatically backs up your entire music collection, sample library, project files to your own secure DJ Backup Cloud. You can restore your computer’s files easily anytime you need.
Yes Yes
Your bandwidth is the amount of data you can transfer to and from your DJ Backup Cloud every month.
Unlimited Unlimited
Transfer Speed
Your upload and download speeds to and from your DJ Backup Cloud. We don’t throttle transfers.
Unlimited Unlimited
Web Portal
Log in to your personal and secure DJ Backup web pages to easily manage your files.
Yes Yes
View Files Online
All your files can be viewed from your web portal. Listen to your music, watch your videos and look at photos on any of your devices and computers.
Yes Yes
Free iPhone and iPad App
Stream your music, sets, tunes, videos and more straight to your iPad and iPhone.
Yes Yes
Device friendly
All your files can be viewed from your mobile phone, with our special support for iPhone and Android.
Yes Yes
Absolute Security
DJ Backup uses only Military carrier-grade data centres. Your files are encrypted and safely backed up each and every time.
Yes Yes
Version History
You can safely restore up to 30 previous versions of any of your files.
Yes Yes
Online Editing
All your files can easily be edited online with your browser’s web apps. Retouch photos, design flyers and edit your documents from wherever you are, anytime.
Yes Yes
Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and More
Drag and drop pictures from your DJ Backup Cloud portal right into your social networks like Facebook, Flickr and Twitter.
Yes Yes
Producer Vault
Your Producer Vault is a new storage facility, like a USB drive on your computer. Files in your Vault are synched across all your computers and online automatically. 512GB of space as standard and if you need extra space you can easily add more.
Yes Yes
FTP Support
Your DJ Backup Cloud and Producer Vault can be accessed using File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
Yes Yes
Share Easily
Share any of your files publicly with anyone through a simple web link or share movies, photos and more privately with your friends, family and colleagues.
Yes Yes
Operating Systems
Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android and Blackberry… We’ve got them ALL covered!
Windows and Mac Windows and Mac
Instant Online activation
Sign up now and you’re account will be active immediately.
Yes Yes
Pay nothing during your first 14 days free trial and then just:
£29.99 per Year £59.99 per Year
Order Now! Order Now!

  • "As a producer your sample library is your life" - Chase & Status
  • "My DJ bag was recently stolen, I lost everything! I now wish I'd backed everything up with DJ Backup!" - Sattamann
  • "Perfect for recovering your music collection if your DJing laptop is damaged or stolen or sharing your collection across devices." - Jon1st