All your Music, DJ Collection, Production, Samples and other files are synchronised proactively. There’s no need to wait for scheduled backups. Instantly accessible anywhere.

Why backup your digital files?

As DJs, Musicians and Producers we put a huge amount of time and effort into finding, organising, recording, collecting and making digital music. The time spent on our digital music collection is often higher than the amount of time we spend DJing or Performing.

Have you ever considered what it could be like to lose all of that hard work? Its often not worth thinking about... Luckily DJ Backup has created the easiest way to back up all of your music, production, samples and important files so that everything is kept safe and stored but instantly accessible.

File Types

What should you be backing up?

With DJ Backup you can backup ANY type of file or document. What we find it most useful for is to backup our digital music collection that we’ve built up in iTunes, to backup our production (Logic, Ableton, Protools, Fl Studio projects), our precious sample libraries, recordings and sample packs and also to backup our digital DJ preferences, cue points, midi mappings etc.

When thinking about what to backup and keep safe you should consider:

  • Music libraries (All of your Music files, iTunes collection, critical playlists and most used crates)
  • Software/Hardware settings (Preferences, history, MIDI mappings, waveforms, cue points)
  • Project files (for producers, all of your hard work!)
  • Dependencies (VSTs, Audio Units, Plugins, Drivers, Samples)
  • Personal files (Bio, Artwork, Pics, Videos, Photos, Press)
File Types

Device Friendly

Free apps for iOS, and Android let you access your music, projects, photos and documents from anywhere! Or use our specially optimised web portal for other mobile devices.