How it works

Sync your DJ Backup account with all your devices and take your collection anywhere!
Synched Backups
Secure Storage
Device Friendly
Global Access

Easily backup and sync all your music, movies, photos, documents and other files

DJ Backup

Save time

As you work, all your files are automatically and securely backed up and kept in sync across all your devices whenever you save.
DJ Backup

Restore effortlessly

Your files can be restored from the web at anytime, anywhere or you can download our powerful restore app to simplify even more.
DJ Backup

All your files, everywhere

Your DJ Backup Cloud automatically syncs all your files across all your computers in seconds - PC or Mac.
DJ Backup

Like an external drive

Your allocated 100GB DJ Backup Cloud appears as a hard drive or USB on your computer and you can top up with extra space should you need to.
DJ Backup

Transfer files superfast

DJ Backup transfers your MP3's, WAV's, AIFF's, Logic, Ableton, Reason, Movies, Photos, Music and other files using superfast, advanced transfer technology and never throttles your bandwidth.
DJ Backup

Online and offline access

Your DJ Backup Cloud can be opened online or offline so you can save space on your computer by saving online or store files on your PC to view and edit offline.
DJ Backup Android App

Store all your files safely and privately in your DJ Backup Cloud

DJ Backup

100% secure

State-of-the-art data centres keep all your movies, photos, music and other files private and secure. Your backups are protected with military grade encryption and transferred using secure SSL.
DJ Backup

Unlimited storage and bandwidth

You can store and transfer as many of your computer’s files as many times as you like as you have unlimited storage and no bandwidth cap in your DJ Backup Cloud.
DJ Backup

Keeps 30 versions of any file

If you ever need to restore an older version of any of your files, you'll find the past 30 versions are safely kept in your DJ Backup Cloud and easy to access.
DJ Backup

Works on Windows and Mac

Whether you've got a PC or Mac, DJ Backup works in exactly the same way.
DJ Backup

Saves your files automatically

Your Music, Movies, Photos, Documents and more are all backed up privately and securely whenever you save one of your files.
DJ Backup

Easy to access and restore

You can restore a file from your secure web portal page to your computers or devices anytime you like or download our powerful Restore app.
DJ Backup

Superfast uploads and downloads

Storing your Music, Movies, Photos, Documents and other files in the DJ Backup Cloud is smart and simple with advanced technology maximising transfer speeds.
File Types

You can stream anything from your DJ Backup Cloud to a wide range of devices

DJ Backup

All your files, all the time

Your mobile device may not have the space to store all your movies, photos and music files and now you can access everything from your DJ Backup Cloud.
DJ Backup

View and share everything

You can create slideshows of photos to share with your friends and family and view everything from PDF files to movies and Office documents while you’re on the move.
DJ Backup

Don’t sync when you can stream

All your music can be streamed straight from your DJ Backup Cloud using Wi-Fi or 3G so you can listen to your collections whenever you like.
DJ Backup

Video format support

Streaming your saved videos over 3G and Wi-Fi, all video formats are supported and there’s no need to convert anything to get it to play on your device.
DJ Backup

Save from your iPad or iPhone

Any videos and photos in your device memory can be uploaded to your DJ Backup Cloud and safely stored so that you can access the files from anywhere.
DJ Backup

Export and edit files anywhere

If you have other app’s like an office suite or eBook reader on your device you can send them straight from your DJ Backup Cloud to view or edit as you like.
DJ Backup

Secure and accessible

Save space on your device and keep your documents, videos, music and photos in your DJ Backup Cloud where you can reach them easily all the time.

Listen to your music, look at your photos and watch your movies from anywhere

DJ Backup

View all your documents

Your DJ Backup Cloud Portal gives you access to your files 24/7 and you can view your office documents directly from your browser.
DJ Backup

Create photo slideshows

Thumbnail view browsing makes it easy to create photo slideshows and share any of your photo albums with your friends and family in full screen view.
DJ Backup

Play and Listen to music

The built-in music file player in your DJ Backup Cloud Portal means you can choose by album, artist, genre or year and stream your music straight to your browser.
DJ Backup

Smoothly watch your videos

Wherever you are in the world, video streaming your movies from your cloud means you can see any movies you like anytime, whatever the format.
DJ Backup

Share files easily

Privately or publicly send any of your files to your friends, family and colleagues whenever you want with one click and no need to email large files or post CD’s.
DJ Backup

Edit your files in a browser

Open files you’ve stored in your cloud for editing with browser-based web app’s and you can easily backup and sync your files again to your DJ Backup Cloud.
DJ Backup

Facebook, Flickr and more

All of your best movies, photos and music can be sent straight from your DJ Backup Cloud to any of your social networks without having to individually upload files.
DJ Backup iPhone App